Many apps hit the chopping block when consumers do a periodic smartphone cleanup—which the average person does 18 times per year, according to recently released report “The App Lifecycle,” from search engine Yahoo.

Yahoo’s app replacement study is based on a survey of 2,590 U.S. consumers between the ages of 13 and 64 conducted in June 2015.

The most common reason for deleting an app (60%) was a periodic purging of apps, according to the survey. 36% of consumers delete one app when they download a new app that is similar to it, 36% delete an app to free up memory for a software update, 33% delete an app as soon as they no longer need it and 11% delete apps whenever they feel like it. Consumers could pick more than one answer.

Consumers also cited several reasons why they chose to delete  certain apps:  55% stopped using the app, 53% found a better/more useful similar app, 52% got bored with it, 46% say the app showed too many ads and 45% say they did not have enough storage for that app. Consumers could pick more than one answer.

52% of U.S. consumers say that at least once a month they are searching for apps that might replace apps they currently have on their smartphone, and 34% are doing this a few times a week or more, according to the study.


48% of consumers will delete an app if they haven’t used it in one month. Broken down: 16% of consumers will delete an app less than a week after downloading it if they have not used it, 13% in a week and 19% in a month.

On the flip side, the top three reasons consumers say they choose not to install an app on their smartphones is: the app received negative reviews (39%), not enough storage on my smartphone (36%), and the app price is higher than expected (36%). Consumers could pick more than one answer.

Google Play has 1.6 million apps available to download and Apple’s App Store has 1.5 million apps, as of July 2015, according to market research firm Statista Inc.

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