BlueShift aims to expand sales and marketing of software designed to let retailers tailor messages based on shoppers’ purchase patterns and browsing behavior.

BlueShift, a marketing software company that helps retailers tailor their messages to consumers, has raised $8 million in a Series A round of funding. The company previously raised $2.6 million, CEO and co-founder Vijay Chittoor says.

Storm Ventures led the latest financing round. Storm Venture’s Anshu Sharma, a startup adviser and former vice president of product management at, will join the Blueshift board. Existing investor Nexus Venture Partners also participated in the round.

Blueshift, founded by marketers and machine learning specialists from WalmartLabs and Groupon, says it will use the capital to increase sales and marketing and to continue building out its Interaction Graph platform. Blueshift lets marketers segment customers based on such traits as behavior, demographics, life cycle, predictive scores, catalog attributes, their responses to messages and their affinity for certain brands, prices and categories.

“At Salesforce, I saw firsthand the challenges enterprise customers experienced in delivering personalized, relevant messages to consumers who are increasingly tuning out,” Sharma says. “Blueshift has built a unique segment-of-one marketing platform by leveraging the very latest innovations in big data and machine learning.”

Blueshift offers cloud-based software on a subscription basis and says it delves into retailers’ customer data using artificial-intelligence methods that help automate personalized marketing.


Retailers choose merchandising techniques to boost response, such as retargeting, content updates, collaborative filtering, affinity-based content, and user and event attributes. They can scale to multiple messaging channels, such as email, display ads, text messaging and messages sent through mobile apps to smartphones. Retailers also can utilize Facebook retargeting ads and Facebook Custom Audience, a tool that lets advertisers use non-Facebook information, such as their purchase histories, and synchronize their messaging throughout, Blueshift says.