Wednesday’s storms caused damage from Illinois to Georgia. UPS says its on-time delivery rate for the last week of the holiday season stands at 98%.

Strong storms that hit the Midwestern and Southern United States on Wednesday night are having some impact on last-minute deliveries of Christmas gifts ordered online.

The Weather Channel is reporting that severe storms caused a swath of destruction from Illinois to Georgia yesterday, leaving as many as 10 people dead and 40 people hurt.

This morning, a spokeswoman for Memphis-based FedEx Corp. told Internet Retailer that the company is operating with ‘slight delays.’ She didn’t specify which areas were seeing more delays than others.

“Due to the severe weather yesterday, we made operational adjustments to keep our team members safe and to avoid major service disruptions,” she says. “We are continuing to make adjustments and do everything we can to minimize impact on our customers.” The spokesman did not specify what kinds of adjustments are being made.

According to data, FedEx is the shipping carrier for 307 retailers in the 2015 Internet Retailer Top 1,000.


A spokesman for United Parcel Service Inc., the shipping carrier for 413 retailers in the 2015 Top 1,000, says the company hasn’t seen any significant service disruptions as a result of yesterday’s storms. The spokesman says on-time delivery during the final week of the holiday shopping season has clocked in at around 98% this year.

“Last night, we had strong air volume in our UPS Worldport Air hub,” he says. “Everything was processed overnight and we expect to maintain current on-time performance. We will be working into the evening tonight to get everything to customers.” The UPS Worldport Air hub is in Louisville, Ky., which was not impacted by yesterday’s storms.

At least one retailer says it isn’t noticing any major delivery delays.

Eddie Alberty, vice president of strategic partnerships for online general merchandise retailer, says his team was working “longer than normal hours” on Wednesday to get orders out the door as fast as they could.

“We obviously cannot account for delays caused by storms, however we as a company feel like the overall impact to our customers was minimal,” he says.

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