Over the Thanksgiving shopping weekend, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. was thankful for mobile devices, as mobile traffic, sales and app visits all increased compared to that time period last year.

Since Thanksgiving, 70% of traffic to Walmart.com has been from a smartphone or tablet, says Fernando Madeira, Walmart.com’s president and CEO. Plus, almost half or Walmart.com’s orders since Thanksgiving have been placed on a mobile device, which is double the percentage compared to this time last year he says. Wal-Mart includes smartphones, tablets and apps in these figures.

“Our customers went from previously mostly searching and browsing on mobile, to making purchases at a much higher rate,” Madeira says.

According to Internet Retailer’s 2016 Mobile 500 Guide, Wal-Mart, No. 9, will do an estimated $2.547 billion in mobile sales in 2015, and 35% of those sales will be from its app.

Wal-Mart is expecting 210 million visits to its app this November and December, a tremendous increase from the 18 million visits to its app in November and December of 2013, a Wal-Mart spokesman says.


Two weeks before consumers could buy Wal-Mart’s Black Friday deals, they could view the Black Friday ad, but only in the Wal-Mart app. The retailer began selling those deals online on Thanksgiving. Wal-Mart also made its Cyber Monday deals available the day before on Sunday of that shopping weekend. In a post announcing the promotion, Wal-Mart says the move was made after the company noticed an annual spike in traffic to Walmart.com on the night before Cyber Monday.

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