The founder of e-commerce software providers Intershop Communications and Demandware Inc. is launching another e-commerce platform company, and this time he is focusing on mobile apps.

Stephan Schambach has launched NewStore Inc., a mobile app platform that enables shoppers to order items from a local store and either have the purchases delivered or pick them up immediately. Luxury brands Jimmy Choo, Bally and Belstaff, which are all owned by JAB Holdings, are NewStore’s first clients. Those apps will go live in the spring or summer of 2016, Schambach says.

NewStore functions as a white-label app for its brands, Schambach says, meaning a retailer can present it to consumers as its own service. While retailers can put their own branding on the app, the core features will remain the same for all client retailers, Schambach says.

Each retailer’s version of the app will let consumers browse a store’s inventory, purchase items, chat with a salesperson, pick up the purchases in store or have the items delivered immediately from a store to wherever the consumer is or wherever she specifies. In the app, a shopper can track on a map the delivery of her purchase, and she receives a notification when the driver is approaching. NewStore plans to use crowd-source drivers to deliver the purchases, Schambach says.

Initially, NewStore will target luxury brands and then will eventually focus on more mainstream brands, Schambach says.


NewStore has raised $38 million from venture capital firm General Catalyst Partners, Schambach himself and NewStore’s management team. The bulk of the funds will go toward hiring people but will also be used for marketing and research and development, Schambach says.

Schambach would not disclose how much NewStore will charge to build and maintain a retailer’s app.

Schambach was president and CEO of Demandware from February 2004 until November 2007, when he became executive chairman. He resigned from Demandware’s board in July 2015 to pursue other ventures.