Whitebox manages inventory in five countries.

Baltimore, Md.—Whitebox, a company that automates every ecommerce process and combines them into a single service, is launching with the aim of putting the global online marketplace within reach for many manufacturers and brands. 

Originally developed as an automation tool for a struggling ecommerce business, Whitebox is designed to make it easy for manufacturers and brands to scale sales to a global level without adding overhead.

“Whitebox gives brand owners an enterprise-quality automated ecommerce service and eliminates the need to invest in expensive software, warehousing and labor,” says Whitebox President Rob Wray. “Most clients that we have worked with have seen double digit profit margin and sales increases.” 

Whitebox automates ecommerce so product manufacturers and sellers do not have to deal with the complexity of building an ecommerce team, managing multiple vendors, or integrating software. Whitebox’s services include: 

  • Managing warehousing, fulfillment and customer service
  • Listing products on multiple sales channels, including Amazon, Ebay and Google Shopping
  • Integrating with the seller’s own ecommerce website (if they have one)
  • Being a single point of contact for all ecommerce processes
  • Photographing each product professionally
  • Sending seller accurate and timely alerts when new inventory is needed
  • Providing easy-to-understand reports that show what products are selling, profit margins, and more 

Wray and his team originally developed the platform to solve issues they were facing with their own ecommerce business, Mp3Car.com. “We’ve found that our automation and services cut overhead dramatically,” says Wray. “For Mp3Car.com, we went from toiling for hours to achieve relatively modest profits to growing profits by 607 percent in two years through automation. Once we saw what automation did for our own business, we knew that other businesses would need this type of software.” 


Whitebox has been testing its software and services for the past 15 months, and has worked with over 25 sellers to ship more than 130,000 products in a variety of industries, including packaged consumer goods, consumer electronics and others. Whitebox manages inventory in five countries and sells in six languages. One of Whitebox’s first customers, Glee Gum, has found the service to be tremendously helpful. Previously, they handled their own ecommerce operations and listed products directly on Amazon. 

“Working with Amazon directly was a huge hassle and took a ton of time to manage. We were constantly getting charged random fees, and we had no support at Amazon to help us with our online sales growth,” says Glee Gum CEO Deborah Schimberg. “Whitebox is so much easier to deal with than Amazon. Plus, our profit margins and sales volume are increasing dramatically.”