Yelp’s mobile traffic grew 22% year-over-year in Q2, leaping ahead of its desktop traffic for the first time Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman told analysts in an earnings call Tuesday.

About 83 million unique consumers visit Yelp—an online consumer review center for local businesses—each month on the mobile web, compared to the 79 million who access Yelp via desktop, according to an earnings call transcript obtained by Seeking Alpha. The 79 million average monthly desktop unique visitors was a 3% decline year-over year.

Yelp also reported strong growth in use of its mobile app. The review site operator measures the number of mobile devices that use its app each month, so as not to double count, for example, a consumer who checks Yelp on her work computer and then later on her mobile phone. The number of unique devices that accessed Yelps grew 51% year over year, to 18 million per month, Stoppelman said.

“We are particularly excited about the increase in our app users, because the vast majority come to Yelp directly and tend to be our most active users,” Stoppelman said.

In fact, 70% of Yelp’s activity, such as posting reviews and clicking for directions, occurs in the app. App page views grew 40% year over year, calls and clicks for directions and maps in its app grew 20% year over year, and new reviews with photos grew posted in the app grew 40% year over year, Stoppelman said.