And mobile traffic peaks over 50% on the affiliate networks of Affiliate Window.

Affiliate Window, which operates affiliate networks in the U.S. and the U.K., is experiencing some heavy-duty mobile activity.

A very sizable 36% of total sales generated by the networks in January occurred on smartphones and tablets. That’s compared with about 25% of total U.S. online retail sales during the holidays, according to various research firms.

Here’s the nitty-gritty on January, according to new data from Affiliate Window:

  • 44% of traffic was mobile, about the same as December. Traffic peaked at times in January above 50%.
  • 22% of total traffic came from smartphones, about the same as December.
  • 36% of sales occurred on mobile devices, down from 37% in December.
  • 15% of total sales came from smartphones, down from 16% in December.
  • Mobile traffic converted at 3.74%, down from a rather high 4.92% in December when many consumers were shopping for gifts.
  • Mobile average order value was $102, up from $96 in December.

In January, 34,600 sales each day originated from a mobile device on Affiliate Window’s networks, 14,500 through smartphones, Affiliate Window reports. And 642 clicks originated from a mobile device every minute, the company adds.

Following is the breakdown on devices, according to Affiliate Window:

  • Android smartphones accounted for 26% of smartphone traffic and 26% of sales.
  • Android tablets accounted for 44% of tablet traffic and 25% of sales.
  • The average order value for iPad shoppers is consistently higher than for shoppers who use Android tablets.
  • Shoppers on iPads continue to convert at 3 percentage points above shoppers on Android tablets.

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