For the first time since it was founded more than half a century ago, mass merchant retail chain Atwoods Ranch and Home Stores is selling online—at—with sales to business customers as well as consumers.

Atwoods, founded in 1960 by Wilbur and Fern Atwood, is based in Oklahoma and operates 55 bricks-and-mortar stores across five states.

Its products range from apparel, footwear and pet supplies to power tools, auto parts and home furnishings. 20% of its sales are to farms and government agencies.

Atwoods launched the e-commerce site on an Internet-hosted software-as-a-service platform from ShopVisible, which lets the merchant run its e-commerce sites on ShopVisible’s technology. The new site includes specific features for its business customers, including differentiated pricing based on each customer’s account terms, information and forms for processing tax-exemptions, and password-protected access to such account information as order history.

In addition, the site features applications for both consumer and business customers, including whether products are available online and in stores, ratings and reviews, cross-selling and upselling product displays, and customer wishlists. The site also has a store locator and a complementary mobile site.


“From contract to implementation, ShopVisible has provided excellent e-commerce direction best practices to help us expand the Atwoods brand and serve a broader audience,” says Dustin Koehn, e-commerce project manager at Atwoods.

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