The e-retailer opens today its first permanent location in New York City. It had disclosed plans for the store in March.

Birchbox Inc., an online retailer that sells personal care products by subscription, opened today its first permanent bricks-and-mortar location in New York City.

Following the lead of other e-retailers such as Bonobos and Warby Parker, Birchbox tested the idea of a physical location with temporary storefronts in New York and the Hamptons, a resort area on Long Island, before announcing in March plans to open a permanent location.  

The store is located in the Soho neighborhood of lower Manhattan and features 2,000 products from 250 of the brands the retailer features in the boxes it sends to its 800,000 active subscribers each month. Birchbox’s $10 a month subscription ($20 for men) includes sample-size cosmetics products and accessories from the 450 brands that are sold in standard-size packing on Anyone can buy individual products at

The store features a BYOB, or build-your-own-Birchbox, section of the store where shoppers can pick five sample–size products and pay $15 for the box. The store will also offer hair, nails and makeup services by appointment as well as group classes on a variety of topics related to personal care. Classes are free for subscribers and $30 for non-subscribers.

 “We have learned so much about how we can drive customers to change their behavior online, and we see an opportunity to extend into offline retail to evolve with our customers’ needs,” says Katia Beauchamp, Co-CEO of Birchbox.


The retail location has touch-screen kiosks throughout the store where customers can take a short quiz about themselves to find product recommendations, customer reviews and video demonstrations.

The Birchbox store is located at 433 W. Broadway in New York City.