Adore Me, an online retailer of lingerie, installed Yotpo’s ratings and review software in November. That’s led to an additional $10,000 in revenue and an average of 40 more sales per month.

Consumers have been leaving more ratings and reviews on the web site of lingerie e-retailer Adore Me every month since it deployed in November new technology from vendor Yotpo. That’s helped the retailer earn $10,000 in additional sales, with an average of 40 more transactions each month than before, says Stephanie Falcon, vice-president of marketing . 

“We needed reviews for two main reasons,” Falcon says. First, reviews help Adore Me understand what customers like about its products.  “Does it fit? How is the design?—That’s information we could take into consideration when building new products and collections,” she says. 

Second, reviews make shoppers more confident about making a purchase, Falcon says. “We sell exclusively online, so we needed a way to build trust with a shopper who cannot see the physical product until they have already purchased it,” she says. “Reviews are a great way to make a good first impression and build this trust.”

Israel-based Yotpo’s technology works in two ways, says Udi Ledergor, head of marketing for the vendor. When a retailer first installs it, Yotpo pulls up the past six months of orders and sends e-mails to those customers asking them to review the items they purchased. A customer can comment and leave a rating directly in the body of the e-mail. Depending on the setting it selects in the Yotpo software, a client retailer like Adore Me can choose to post a review automatically on the product page, or require that a moderator read it first.

“This is simpler than including a link to a page with multiple fields for a customer to fill out, or something that is more complicated,” Ledergor says.


From then on, the Yotpo software sends a buyer the e-mail requesting a review roughly two weeks after she makes a purchase. That gives her enough time to receive the item and try it out, says Ledergor.

Since deploying the technology in November, Adore Me has been receiving more than 1,000 product reviews per month on average, a 10-15% increase from before, Falcon says. Adore Me previously collected reviews with web-based tools from vendors SiteJabber and ResellerRatings. “Our customers feel like they’re being heard a little better,” Falcon says.

Adore Me also uses Yotpo’s “Social Push” feature to incent customers to write and share the reviews they post on social networks. For example, it can offer 15% off the customer’s next purchase if she writes a review, and an additional 5% discount if the customer publishes the review to Facebook. 

Adore Me also can choose to share reviews itself on its Facebook or Twitter pages, which Falcon says is an important part of the e-retailer’s marketing strategy. “As a young e-commerce brand, we rely on social media and word of mouth to grow quickly,” she says. Since deploying the Yotpo technology, Adore Me gets more than 2,000 clicks every time it shares a review on its social media pages, Falcon says.