Half have made m-commerce purchases between $100 and $999, a study finds.

80% of smartphone owners want more mobile-optimized product information while they’re shopping in stores, finds “The Shopping Experience in a Smartphone World,” a study conducted by ad agency Moosylvania. The agency surveyed 1,874 U.S. adult smartphoneowners. 97% of respondents have access to a personal computer and 43% have access to a tablet.

“When it comes to buying most goods and services, speed is beyond the essence,” says Norty Cohen, founder and CEO of Moosylvania. “They are researching reviews, comparing prices, photo sharing and making purchases in seconds, and prefer doing so equally online and in-store.”

Smartphone owners are using their devices to help them better understand products. 30.1% of smartphone owners say they most often research products on their phones when away from home, the survey finds. 19.6% do so while watching TV, 13.4% on the weekends, 12.4% while shopping in-store, 10.9% while at work and 2.7% on holidays. 10.9% say they do not research products on their smartphones.

Of shoppers who research products while in a store, 73.9% compare prices among retailers, the survey says. In-store smartphone shoppers find a variety of tools helpful. 76% say mobile coupons are helpful, 31% say apps, 26% QR codes, 20% text messages, 19% links to informational videos and 17% mobile display ads.

The study finds that smartphone owners aren’t afraid of making spending large sums on their devices. When asked the value of the single largest purchase they ever made on a smartphone, 50% say $100-999, 27% $99 or less, 9.7% $1,000-9,999 and 0.6% $10,000 or more. 12.7% say they have never made a purchase on a smartphone.


Mobile wallets are gaining attention. 44% of smartphone owners say they would like to be able to use a mobile wallet on their devices to pay for purchases, the survey says.

But mobile rewards apps users are still in a small minority. Only 16% of smartphone owners say they use a mobile rewards app like shopkick or CheckPoints, the survey says.