It now lets users save items they like and get alerts when they enter stores.

Shopkick has gotten an upgrade.

The app, designed to drive store sales by rewarding consumers for entering stores and taking actions such as scanning bar codes, now includes new features that let shoppers browse and save items they like and then get reminders about those products when they enter stores that sell them.

Shoppers can access virtual catalogs from brands and retailers within shopkick, and then tap and drag items to set them aside within the app. Then, when a shopper enters a store that sells an item she has saved and has shopkick open on her smartphone, the app will remind her about the product.




Another update groups participating stores by location to help users plan shopping trips that will give them the most rewards points.

Shopkick says it decided to update its app after realizing that consumers who have it log on nine days per month on average, and on six of those days they are not at the store but at home or at work, browsing new offers and planning their next shopping trip. The updates help retailers and brands better target those users who are planning shopping trips via shopkick, the company says.

“Shopkick 3.0 is all about inspiring our users to visit the stores they love, find products they should know about, and remember the ones they saved at home by alerting them when they walk into the store to get their walk-in rewards,” says shopkick CEO and co-founder Cyriac Roeding.

The new version of the app also offers rewards points for browsing products and discounts from catalogs in the app, he adds.

Shopkick has 13 retail clients including Target, Macy’s and American Eagle Outfitters, as well as more than 50 brands such as Procter & Gamble and Kraft Foods that also use the app to drive store sales. Shopkick says its users have opened the app and walked into participating stores more than 10 million times and interacted with items by doing such things as scanning bar codes or promotional posters more than 20 million times since the app was launched a little more than two years ago.


Active users of the app interact with the app on average more than three hours a month, shopkick says.

Shopkick rewards points, called kicks, can be redeemed for store gift cards,  movie tickets and song downloads.

Shopkick says it has listed more than one billion deals through its app and has accumulated more than one billion views of those deals since its launch.  The app has been downloaded more than four million times and more than 7,000 stores and malls participate in shopkick. Consumers can also interact with product from brands such as Kraft that are sold at more than 250,000 locations nationwide.

Target is No. 34 in the in the Internet Retailer Mobile 400, American Eagle is No. 118,  Macys is No. 21 and Amazon is No. 1.