Gilt Live shows a live stream of what other consumers are buying.

Ever wonder if people actually buy some of the more outlandish or pricey offerings on, like a $9,450 Ted Boerner Poe Sectional sofa? Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer.

Gilt Groupe Inc. has launched a feature called Gilt Live that allows shoppers to see a live stream of what other consumers are buying. The voyeurism only goes so far though—shoppers can’t see who is making the purchases.

While consumers browse Gilt by broad product categories, such as “Men,” “Home,” and “Food & Wine,” Gilt Live shows shoppers the full breadth of what others are buying across all of the site’s inventory. Shoppers can also select to view only what other shoppers are buying in a specific broad category like “Women.”

The page looks similar to Pinterest. And, like Pinterest, Gilt Live can help consumers discover new products. When a shopper mouses over a particular product the price appears, along with buttons that enable the shopper to share the product on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Clicking on an item takes the shopper to a product page.

“We really wanted to help people discover new products but also share with them what we see every day at noon internally at Gilt: namely that every day there is a mob of excitement for the great merchandise and great prices Gilt offers,” says Justin Riservato, lead program manager.


Gilt Live is similar to’s Feed feature, which launched late last year. That tool displays hundreds of small boxes that feature product photos and brief notes attached to a time stamp, and labels such as “A Fab user bought I Love NY More Than Ever Print” one minute ago, or “lorikgator faved Wit Don’t Tell Me Tocky Clock” six minutes ago. In each box, Fab members are able to “fave” items by clicking a Heart icon, much as consumers click Facebook’s Like button. All “faves” and purchases are tracked continuously, so the Tocky Clock box showed, for example, that the clock had secured about 29 “faves” and nine purchases. Shoppers also are able to comment on others’ “faves” or purchases.

Gilt is No. 49 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide.