A study finds they have limited tolerance for offers sent multiple times.

84% of moms with young children say they use Facebook, and 44% say they’ve viewed direct marketing offers, such as a discount offer appearing in their Facebook newsfeed from a brand they’ve Liked during the preceding seven days, according to a report from the Direct Marketing Association and Mom365, a social-sharing site for mothers.

Such offers and product recommendations have prompted 40% of Facebook-using moms to make a purchase. The findings are based on responses to an online survey conducted in August of more than 1,700 moms with young children at home.

The report, “Direct Marketing to Moms,” also found, however, that moms have limited tolerance for Facebook marketing. 42% say they receive too many repeated offers, and 26% complain that some marketers contact them too much. Some respondents say they are reluctant to Like a company because it means sharing data with them, although 72% of moms on Facebook say they’ve Liked a brand or product on the social network.

Of those respondents who have Liked a brand or product, 75% say they’ve Liked a baby or children’s product brand, and 71% say they’ve done so because they think they’ll get more and better offers as a result.

On Facebook and off, 78% of moms say it’s extremely important that direct marketing offers feature special prices and deals. 42% of new moms say what’s in a direct offer is more important than who sent it (11%).


“New mothers often face tough cost, time and even travel constraints,” says Yory Wurmser, director of marketing and media insights for the Direct Marketing Association. “The result is the vast majority embrace marketing that offers quick, relevant offers that save them money.”