Social shopping features at Club Couture let shoppers create, share and view looks created by others. The retailer has also driven up page views per visit by 141% and average time spent on the site by 150%.

Social shopping is driving up key performance metrics at the e-commerce site of apparel brand Juicy Couture, where the conversion rate is up 162% following the implementation of Createthe Group’s social shopping platform. Implementing CTS/Social, which is part of the vendor’s larger e-commerce software platform, also has driven up page views per visit by 141% and average time spent on the site by 150% at, the vendor reports.

Two social shopping features on the platform are accessible under the site’s Club Couture portal, which visitors must register to use. Under Create a Look, members can not only mix and match outfits and accessories in a virtual dressing room, but they can browse the looks created by other members. A featured called Rate My Juicy lets them upload photos of themselves in their favorite Juicy apparel, sharing with friends the outfits they’ve put together for themselves.

The social features foster an online community around the brand and strengthen its relationship with consumers as well as generatd measurable results on engagement metrics such as conversion, according to the vendor.

“It’s important for Juicy Couture to have a central hub where our customers can interact with each other as well as members of our Juicy team,” says Frances Pennington, the retailer’s vice president of global marketing. “We’ve seen a significant increase in traffic and repeat visitors since implementing social shopping, and we believe that this community atmosphere has been integral in bringing the fun, Juicy shopping experience online.”