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Printable coupon solution allows advertisers to offer targeted incentives through their own Web sites, e-mail and banners

CHICAGO – March 25, 2002 – Leading online direct marketing and media company, CoolSavings, Inc. (OTCBB: CSAV), is helping advertisers better interact with their consumers online by making available its proprietary Coupon Technology Solution. Supplying the ability to deliver branded coupons that consumers can print out from a Web site, e-mail or banner and redeem at physical stores, is the tactic behind CoolSavings` Coupon Technology Solution. Among the first advertisers to take advantage of this unique technology are Gorton`s, Dove, L`Oreal Paris and Georgia Pacific.

CoolSavings` Coupon Technology enables companies to drive volume and store traffic by providing their consumers with an online experience that delivers tangible value.


“For the first time, we`re offering advertisers the technology that we have developed and perfected over the last 5 years, so that they can create incentive marketing campaigns to build and target their own consumer database,” commented Matthew Moog, president and CEO of CoolSavings. “More and more, advertisers are recognizing that Internet incentive marketing offers the unprecedented opportunity to leverage consumer profile data in order to increase response and drive greater lifetime value from their customers.”

The online printable coupon trend is gaining momentum and becoming increasingly popular. The coupon has historically been proven to drive consumer action and can be offered securely and more effectively online. Online coupons are also more cost effective to deploy than traditional print coupons and they can be tied tightly to detailed customer information databases. Online print-at-home coupons get the right offer to the right person and puts something in their hand – a redeemable coupon.

“With 330 billion coupons distributed last year, more than 4.5 billion redeemed and 8 out of 10 Americans using the coupons, according to statistics from the Promotion Marketing Association, it is clear that couponing is a mainstay of promotional marketing that provides real value for manufacturers,” said Moog. “Online coupons offer manufacturers this same value, but with the added long-term benefits of being able to efficiently target, track and re-target individual coupon redeemers to build brand relationships over time.”

Examples of existing online coupons, created using CoolSavings` technology, may be viewed at: Gorton`s –
Capri –
L`oreal Paris —

CoolSavings` Coupon Technology Solution gives consumers a reason to want to visit a company`s Web site and offers them a value proposition. In addition to building brand loyalty and incentivizing customers, the Coupon Technology Solution also enables the company to build a database and build an open dialogue with their customers.


Proven technology

CoolSavings has been using its Coupon Technology with its own database of 18 million members for nearly four years, providing hundreds of retailers with successful targeted, incentive marketing programs resulting in increased retail sales and lasting customer relationships. CoolSavings now allows marketers to access that expertise by using the technology to market to their own customer databases.

Research from the Valentine Radford iCustomer Observer, an online research study taking the pulse of e-commerce, has reported that “55 percent of online consumers prefer getting coupons from the Internet rather than newspapers or traditional mail.” The advantages of CoolSavings` printable coupon technology go beyond those of traditional coupons by giving advertisers the ability to:

-Start a campaign quickly and track coupon clips and redemption at the household level.
-Optimize targeting and personalization in days, not months, to assure a timely, consistent response.
-Contact and re-contact coupon redeemers over time.
-Identify and build long-term relationships with key consumers.
-Place promotional incentives in the context of their own brand.
-Change offers quickly and easily.

About CoolSavings


Launched in February 1997, CoolSavings is a comprehensive e-marketing solution that delivers targeted advertising and promotional incentives to help offline and online companies identify, acquire and retain active shoppers. The Company`s extensive e-marketing infrastructure combines multiple incentive and promotional solutions.